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Explanation of ingredients

Not all meal is bad. Lets define the word ” Fish meal” in our food industry. Fish meal is ground up fish. End of story. In the wild fish eat fish. Sometimes our fish meal can also be labled as brine shrimp that is gut loaded with whatever we want in the food. We normally would label this so you can view it.

We do not use corn meal or rice meal in anything we make!

Yes our food has carbs in it. In all our blend we use algae as a binder. There are Carbs in algae.

We try to recreate what they normally eat in the wild. BUT we also believe in science. We may substitute an ingredient with Hawaiian Spirulina because of its amazing properties.

We dont make the food in house. We have it made somehwere in bulk and packaged. Obviously we cannot make food in our tiny little store. BUT we can partner with the right folks and they make our blend our way! We use our experience and blend there experience to make it the best blend we can!

Green Spirulina Flake

Elevate the vibrancy of your fish with our Spirulina fish food infused with Kelp—a natural source of carotenoids and pigments. Enriched with Omega-3 and Omega-6 rich oils for enhanced growth and optimal conditioning, this formula is a stellar choice for both herbivorous and omnivorous fish. It caters to a diverse range of marine species, including Angelfish, Tangs, Clowns, and Butterflyfish as well as tropical species including Angelfish, Catfish, Flagfish, Pleco, Molly, Barbs, Tetras, and many other fish.

Our Green Spirulina Flake is meticulously crafted from a blend of Kelp meal, soy protein isolate, spirulina, torula yeast, brewers yeast, krill meal, lecithin, casein, menhaden oil, chlorella algae, Paracoccus (as a source of astaxanthin), rotifers, chlorophyll extract (from alfalfa), Stay-C (C), choline, niacin, riboflavin (B2), D-pantothenic acid, thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid, menadione (K3), biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Immerse your aquatic companions in a nourishing blend designed to promote their health and vibrant colors.

PROXIMATE ANALYSIS: Protein 37%, Fat, 12%, Ash, 5 %. Contains no ethoxyquin* or artificial colors.

Mysis Garlic Flake

The Garlic Mysis Flake is fortified with allicin, a reputed antimicrobial and antiviral agent that fish breeders have employed for centuries to optimize the well-being of captive fish. This unique formula also includes Arthrospira platensis, a blue-green algae, and stabilized Vitamin C, both proven immunomodulators in fish feed trials. The addition of Paracoccus sp. bacteria, a source of astaxanthin, completes a well-rounded matrix of health-related compounds, featuring a blend of marine, plant, and terrestrial proteins.

Garlic, renowned for its efficacy in preventing marine ich, takes center stage in our Garlic Mysis Flake. Importantly, the drying process is conducted at significantly lower temperatures than conventional flake production, ensuring that the potent benefits of garlic extracts remain intact throughout processing.

Recommended for both marine and freshwater fish, this flake serves as a prophylactic measure, to be used intermittently alongside other feeds. Ideal for a variety of species, including eels and rays, it caters to the dietary needs of herbivorous and carnivorous fish alike. Elevate the health of your aquatic companions with the holistic advantages of Garlic Mysis Flake.

Whats in it : Highly digestible marine fish hydrolysate, soy protein, yeast and yeast extracts, egg, wheat, garlic, frozen mysis shrimp, spirulina, kelp (rockweed), lecithin, paracoccus (source of astaxanthin), marine fish oil, krill oil, vitamin and mineral premix, carophyll, stabilized Vitamin C, and beneficial bacteria.

PROXIMATE ANALYSIS: Protein, 52% Fat, 16% Ash, 3% Fiber 1.6%; Moisture, 11.5%

Carnivore Blend Pellets

This is what put us on the map!

Introducing our Carnivore Blend, meticulously crafted with a premium combination of Blackworms, Fish Meal, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Plankton, Krill, Shrimp Meal, Brine Shrimp, Dried Algae, Dried Kelp, Spirulina, Natural Astaxanthin (to enhance colors), Wheat, Brewer’s Yeast, Palm Oil, Fish Oil, Lecithin, HUFA Oil, and a proprietary blend of Multi Vitamins & Multi Minerals.

Designed to meet the dietary needs of both freshwater and saltwater species, this blend is specially formulated for a diverse range of aquatic inhabitants, including axolotls, plecos, catfish, cichlids, angelfish, loaches, triggers, puffers, and the diligent cleanup crew! This is what sets us apart in the world of aquatic nutrition.

PROXIMATE ANALYSIS: Crude protein (min.) 44%, Crude fat (min) 15% Crude fiber, (max.) 3.0%; Ash, (max.) 10.0%; added mineral Ingredients, (max.) 2.0%, Moisture, (max.) 16.5%, astaxanthin, (min.) 280 ppm.

Koi Feast

Want to send your Koi, Goldfish, and Carp into a feeding frenzy? Here’s the secret! We’ve meticulously crafted a blend that’s been in the making for quite some time. Our focus? Keeping your fish healthy and their livers in top shape. When Pedro formulated this food, his primary goal was clear—ensure the well-being and impressive growth of your carp, making them match the giants you see on YouTube.

Pedro dedicated countless hours to research, honing in on the critical aspect of avoiding liver failure linked to the high fat content in commercial diets. His journey led him to different lakes, where he observed what these fish feasted on in the wild. At Lake Mead, it was popcorn generously coated with butter, apparently sourced from the dock. The fish were not only enormous but also appeared to be thriving.

Our specially formulated food has been making waves for over 5 years and has proven to be a resounding success. We exclusively feed our Mayan Butterfly Koi with this blend, and the results speak for themselves. Curious? Come check it out; we guarantee it won’t disappoint.

This is a propietary blend of fish meal, brine, blackworms, black soldier larvae, soy, kelp, Garlic ethoxyquin and other great ingredients !

Medicated Mysis

We developed this formula out of necessity, aiming to provide internal support for fish in their battle against diseases. Unlike most medications that operate externally, this one takes a different approach, working from the inside out. There’s no need for binders or guesswork. The primary purpose of this food is to effectively deworm, aid in combatting infections, and foster beneficial bioactives in the gut.

Packed with essential medicines like Metronidazole, Nitrofurazone, and garlic—known for its natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties—this formula serves as a potent natural defense against Ich, ensuring the overall well-being of your aquatic companions.

This blend contains Metro, Nitro and Garlic disease fighting weapon!

Msyis Algae Feast

Elevate your aquatic companions’ dining experience with our premium fish food. Crafted from fresh-frozen mysis shrimp, we artfully blend high-quality marine proteins, garlic, black worms, spirulina, fly soldier larvae, high DHA marine oil, color enhancers (Astaxanthin 320 ppm), Vitamin C, and a rich array of vitamins and nutrients.

In a league of its own, our Enriched with Algae surpasses the typical marine diets lining pet store shelves. Leveraging state-of-the-art low-temperature drying technology, our product consistently fulfills its promises, offering pure, high-quality nutrition at a reasonable price point. While our blend remains proprietary, we take pride in its distinctive excellence.

Proximate Analysis: Protein, 53.5%; Fat,12.2%; Ash, 5.2%; Fiber, 2.2%; Moisture, 11.3%; Astaxanthin, 320 ppm**; stabilized Vitamin C, 1,000 ppm**

Fry Crack

Our motivation for developing this blend stems from our extensive breeding program, involving dedicated breeders who play a crucial role in our store’s offerings. Their choice to collaborate with us is a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in food quality. After we ran our tests Clint looked at Pedro and said “Bro these damn guppy fry are attacking the food like crack heads! They are going wild for it! ” The name stuck!

Crafted from a selection of proprietary foods, this blend covers a spectrum of sizes, ranging from 5 to 500 microns. We designed it to be so finely tuned that even brine shrimp will eagerly consume it. Whether you have an entire system, smaller fish, or rapidly growing specimens, this blend is tailored to nourish and support the diverse needs of your aquatic environment. We take immense pride in presenting this carefully curated blend to our customers.

fish eggs, brine shrimp, fish meal, spirulina, yeast autolysate, micro-algae vitamins and minerals. This is what fry crave!

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